2012 ASF Annual Meeting



     Press Policy

The American Securitization Forum, Inc. (ASF) welcomes media coverage at the majority of its conferences, meetings, seminars, workshops, and other events (Events) on important industry topics and issues. Some meetings are for members-only and/or closed to the press, in order to permit the ASF to conduct its activities. The ASF recognizes that press coverage can help facilitate broader understanding of industry issues; however, in order to meet the information and educational needs of the Event participants, the ASF enforces the following key policies regarding the media:

  • Reporters must register in advance and name badges must be visible at all times
  • Must hold their questions until after the attendees have first had an opportunity to ask their questions
  • Must identify themselves as press when asking questions at open events
  • During open events, speakers and panelists may be identified and quoted
  • Must first obtain permission to quote attendees who ask questions or comment during an event
  • However, reporters must obtain permission to quote audience members who ask questions or comment during open sessions.
  • Must identify themselves as press when speaking with attendees during informal conversations at events and mutually agree as to whether the conversation may be used

When possible, press will be given an opportunity to meet with speakers and/or panelists after sessions. Media may use tape recorders and laptop computers as long as they do not interfere with the event. Film, digital, and video cameras are permitted only with prior ASF approval.

Press are welcome to attend related social events for off-the-record and/or background conversations. Any interviews should be conducted separately.

Please click here for a PDF copy of the Press Policy.

     Media Relations Contact

Jon Teall, Teall & Associates
P: 212.317.8296
E: jteall@teallassociates.com